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Money Airplane that Flies 40 Feet

Money Airplane that Flies 40 Feet

I’ve seen lots of cool airplanes made out of money…but could they fly?

This one can fly over 30 feet easily.

There are not too many fancy folds you can do if you want your dollar airplane to actually fly. Because of the dollar bill’s size and shape, you’ve to focus on the plane’s aerodynamics and weight distribution.

I’ve gotten one to fly some 42 feet…maybe you can make one that will top that. For best results, use a crisp, flat newer dollar bill.

It should glide through the air in a relatively straight path, without spiraling or nosediving. Make sure the wings are flat, parallel to the ground. Play around with the wingtip and fuselage folds if your plane doesn’t fly the way you want it to.


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