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Origami Paper Box, Strong & Separation Resistant

Origami Paper Box, Strong & Separation Resistant

Easy to follow step-by-step instruction on how to make an awesome-looking origami paper box. Put two halves together to create a strong box that resists disassembly.

This is a fun and easy origami paper box that not only looks stunning but also is also useful for keeping little things (keys, coins, candy, office supplies, etc.) organized. It also makes a great gift box.

You will need 8 pieces of square double-sided paper, each with a different color on each side. Experiment with different color combinations to create interesting patterns.

Single-sided paper may be used, but the stripes will be white. In this tutorial I used 15cm x 15cm paper, but any size will work.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Time: About 5-7 minutes

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